If you depend on ocean freight software to run your shipping business, it’s important to have the best quality software. Has it been a while since you had an upgrade? These are the reasons why an upgrade can benefit your business.

Better Tracking Capabilities

Older freight software can’t handle the up-to-the-minute tracking capabilities necessary for today’s business world. Your customers count on accurate and reliable tracking information when they have questions about the orders. If you can’t give them what they want, you could lose sales.

Venex software keeps track of every point along the delivery route. From the warehouse to the destination, you will know exactly where the freight is in real time. This helps you provide the best possible service to both existing and new customers.

Improved Data Entry

If you have older freight software, data entry may be tedious and difficult. This can slow your business process and cost you. Your employees will be frustrated with an outdated system that can’t keep up.

By upgrading with Venex, you’ll enjoy an efficient data entry system. It will keep up with the fast pace of today’s business world. Your employees will enjoy a faster system that allows them to do more in less time.

Higher Monitoring Potential

An older freight software system simply cannot monitor freight forwarding as well as an updated system. Venex software syncs with barcode scanners. When the freight is scanned along the shipping route, the information is instantly loaded into the framework. It’s a convenient, user-friendly option for everyone who handles your ocean freight.

This updated process will give you greater monitoring potential. The more monitoring you can do, the less loss you will experience with your freight. Your bottom line can improve with the higher monitoring potential of an upgraded system.

Easier Billing and Inventory

Are you still relying on older methods for your accounting needs? The older methods can cost you time and money. They can keep you from expanding your business, since they slow you down.

With Venex, you’ll have an accurate accounting system built into your software. It’s easy to keep track of accounts payable and receivable with our systems. You can create billing forms right from the framework and have up-to-date inventory tracking.

The Best Customer Support

If you are stuck with older software, you may need an IT professional to service your software when you have problems. This puts your business at a stand-still and can cost you while you are offline. Can you really afford to risk keeping software that takes a long time to repair?

When you work with Venex, we offer 24/7 customer support for you and your team. Our support team is highly trained and qualified. We can quickly address your concerns and help you find solutions. By taking advantage of our excellent customer support, you can be up and running much faster than you could with an outdated system.

Are you ready for an ocean freight software upgrade? Venex can provide the best upgrade for you. Contact us for more information today.