Freight systems are different. When you own or manage a freight-based company, your software will need to meet criteria that a lot of other businesses don’t have to consider. You have to keep track of many different facets in many different locations. Your accounting software will need to reflect your business differences and rise to meet the occasion. If you run a freight-based business, here are a few of the non-negotiables you should seek in your accounting software.

Accounting Software Updates

You can’t afford a lack of security in your accounting software, especially not when your business involves freight. You have too many items to track and too many people who trust that your business won’t put their financial security at risk. The best way to avoid a breach in your software, of course, is it keep it up to date. When updates become available so often that you have to interrupt your workflow to update the software, however, you limit your business growth. Look for accounting software that updates automatically and can grow along with your business.

On-Demand Support

You don’t work in just one time zone. In fact, at least one part of your company is running at any given moment. While one part of the company sleeps, another part is just waking up, ready to receive and store a shipment. Is your accounting software ready to work with multiple time zones? What about IT support? Look for an accounting software that comes with free, knowledgeable support whenever you need it. Accounting issues don’t always arrive during business hours, especially when you manage a freight company.


How many people work with your accounting software on a daily basis? One? Two? Several? In any case, your software should seamlessly adjust to whatever your needs may be, and each user should be able to navigate the software with speed and ease. The best software options are intuitive and user-friendly, especially when more than one person needs access to the software. User-friendliness helps prevent delays that can lead to lost revenue.

The E-Z Freight Difference

Do you need to upgrade the accounting software for your freight-based company? Allow E-Z Freight to show you how the right software can transform your business. At E-Z Freight, all of our software comes with the above benefits and so much more. We’re dedicated to meeting all of your software needs so that everything about your company can flow smoothly throughout your workday. If you’re ready to get started or you’re interested in learning more, contact us today to request a demo.