If you are a cargo consolidator, you need the best software to stay organized and ahead of the game. With the right cargo consolidator software, you can have the best organization in your industry. Venex helps cargo consolidators stay organized with top quality software solutions.

The Key to Staying Organized

Cargo consolidators like you have a lot to manage. You are responsible for consolidating loads of freight to keep the freight delivery system moving. Since you are managing several accounts at one time, you need dependable software to keep all the parts of your process running smoothly.

Venex understands that you must have reliable software to keep track of all the details among your clients. Therefore, it’s important that no detail is overlooked, and you need high-quality software to make this possible. Venex provides software solutions that reduce errors and help streamline the process.

Greater Accessibility

To stay competitive, you need a cloud-based solution that allows tracking at multiple points. Since you have a team of employees that depend on a single system to track every detail, you need dependable software that is easy to use. Venex creates software that meets this demanding standard.


If you prefer to operate from a single location, we also offer an in-house software solution. We will meet your needs, no matter the situation. You can always upgrade to a cloud-based solution as your company grows.


Increased Automation

In the freight industry, speed is crucial. However, more manual processes mean slower delivery and higher costs. The right software solution can automate many of your tracking processes and eliminate mistakes and delays.


You need better efficiency and greater reliability to stay on top of your cargo consolidation. Venex offers software that is capable of handling a large volume of orders and a bigger client database. Additionally by switching to Venex, you can enjoy a streamlined process along with higher revenues, thanks to automation.



High Accuracy

Accurate orders are crucial for your success. You can rely on Venex software to keep your cargo consolidation in order. We have accurate solutions for all your billing, ordering, and record-keeping needs. Use our software to create simple, easy-to-use forms that everyone along your freight route will appreciate.


Expanded Options

Do you consolidate cargo for ground, ocean, or air? Venex will provide the best software no matter which freight options you handle. The software we create will do an excellent job of tracking cargo consolidations for whichever type is your focus. Therefore, our cargo consolidation software helps every person along your shipping route stay on task with fewer mistakes.


Cargo Consolidation Software Solutions


To experience the best in cargo consolidation software, contact Venex for the right option for your company. We can help you choose software that is accurate, efficient and powerful. You can rest easier knowing that an advanced software system is keeping your cargo consolidation company on track.

Contact us to learn more about the best software choice for your needs. We will take the time to listen to your needs and provide the right solution for you. Call us at 305-477-5122 or email us at sales@venex.com for more information.