Warehouses can be chaotic places even under the best of circumstances. With the right leadership, software, and organization, these chaotic environments can still run smoothly. Without the right resources, however, you end up with lost cargo, overwhelming amounts of backlogs, and unsatisfied clients. Venex and EZ Freight software can give you all the resources that you need to make your warehouse distribution as efficient as possible so that you can process more orders without all the hassle.

Automation and Documentation

Documentation provides the key to an efficient warehouse. With the right documentation, you won’t have to second-guess your shipping process or your warehouse distribution. With your EZ Freight software, you can document cargo as it enters and exits the warehouse. EZ Freight also provides warehouse receipts that you can use as items enter, as well as air waybills, bills of lading, and direct delivery shipping documents for when those items leave. Scan barcodes or use the software’s search function to send and receive automated receipts. You can keep track of everything you need without digging through piles of information.

Labels and Loading

With EZ Freight software, you can print your labels from the same software that tracks your cargo from place to place. You won’t have to use more than one type of software. Instead, you get a quick and hassle-free way to organize your warehouse distribution processes.

Clear and Organized Management

With EZ Freight warehouse management, you’ll have loading guides and billing and inventory reports that will give warehouse managers a quick and simple way to oversee the entire process. Step-by-step formats give your warehouse crew a sense of clear efficiency. Your job will become both easier and faster. With the right leadership, better organization means better revenue. As you complete more tasks in a shorter amount of time, you’ll increase your customer satisfaction, which often results in more orders. And of course, with your EZ Freight software management, you’ll be able to handle those extra orders without any problems.

EZ Warehouse Distribution

When you need clear, organized, and efficient warehouse distribution software, EZ Freight software with Venex is the way to go. At Venex, we emphasize user-friendliness and simplicity. You can use your software from your computer system or from the cloud, whichever option suits your needs best. Our straightforward monthly plans mean that you’ll never have to deal with any extra fees or upcharges, and our support network means that we’re available for help whenever you need it. If you’re ready for a superior warehouse distribution system, contact us today to get started.