Remote freight tracking can give you the kind of peace of mind that’s never been available in the cargo forwarding business before this point. Once your cargo leaves the warehouse, you have very little control over safety and quality. When you manage multiple shipments, your job gets even more stressful. Remote freight tracking puts more control in your hands so that you can monitor your cargo with each step in the process.

EZ Tracking by Land, Air, or Sea

Whether you ship cargo by truck, plane, boat, or a combination of the three, you want to know when your freight is on its way to the destination. This is especially true if the cargo has multiple destinations before it reaches its final stop. No matter your shipping method, remote freight tracking is here to help. EZ Freight Tracking will allow you to keep up with your cargo every step of the way. You can check in as few or as many times as you would like to check in because EZ Freight is designed for user-friendliness. You won’t have to learn a complicated system. You can focus on what matters instead.

Warehouse to Warehouse Scanning

Of course, a GPS tracker can tell you when a truck reached its destination, but how will you know that all of your freight arrived unharmed? You’ll know if you use GPS scanners as part of your remote freight tracking plan. With EZ Freight software, every crate and box can have a barcode. Warehouse employees will scan these barcodes as they unload your freight, sending that information right back to you.

Take It With You

Obviously, you can track freight from your office, but the beauty of remote tracking is that you have easy access all the time. If you spend a day away from the office but still need to check on your cargo, you have that option. Take peace of mind with you wherever you go.

Remote Freight Tracking

All of your remote tracking needs can be met with Venex EZ Freight tracking software. We offer monthly plans for single or multi-user platforms. All of our modules come with affordable monthly plans. We won’t rope you into a yearly contract, and you get unlimited use every month. We update our software automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it. Are you ready to track your freight every step of the way? Take a look at our products to get exactly what you need.