A lot of freight tracking issues boil down to the same question: how easy is managing your cargo? Once the freight is out of your hands, managing cargo becomes much more difficult. You want to make sure that your clients get their product on time and undamaged, so you do everything you can from your end of the process. The good news is that when you ask how far you can track your freight, the answer is: every step of the way. As long as you have the right software for freight tracking, you can be as hands-on with your cargo management as you’d like to be.

Inventory and Warehousing

Whether your cargo is air freight, ocean freight, or inbound freight, your inventory usually starts its journey in a warehouse. Don’t leave this step out of your freight tracking. No matter how much time your cargo spends in the warehouse, you have options for quality management. The right software will include services such as barcode scanning, inventory tracking, export labeling, and other methods of measurement and quality control. Using warehousing software lets you make all of the necessary preparations for the next steps in the shipping process.

Freight Tracking

Next, you’ll want to track each shipment from one stop to the next. A good freight tracking software will let you receive updates from each stop. By staying on top of your shipments, you’ll prevent loss and accidents. Having a high-quality freight tracking software is crucial to this point in the process, especially if you ship time-sensitive items like perishable food. Between GPS options, scanners, and check-in points, you can make sure that your freight gets where it needs to go.

Billing and Other Information

Once your cargo has reached its destination, you’ll still need to track information. If you use an all-in-one software, the same program that helped you with freight tracking will also help you with clerical information and management. As long as you have the right software, you can use it to collect billing information, send invoices, print export labels, and handle all of the other in-office tasks that come with running a freight-based business.

The Best in Freight Tracking

If your freight tracking software doesn’t give you all of the above options and more, it’s time for you to get an upgrade. At Venex, we serve all sorts of freight-based businesses. No matter your method of shipping, we have the all-in-one software for you. If you’re ready for the freedom that comes from being able to track your cargo from point A to Point Z, contact us today.