Thanks to advances in freight tracking software, you no longer have to worry about whether or not your freight reaches its destination. You’ll have quick, up-to-date information about the freight travel process. Before certain advances in freight tracking, you could only control the beginning of the process, and you got an update at the end. Now you can have updates for every point along the way. You’ll maintain control and peace of mind when you ship your freight.

Point A: Export Forms

Freight tracking begins with your export forms. Clear, concise, and easy-to-read forms can make all the difference from Point A to Point Z. Does your freight tracking service help you with the export forms? Venex does. Whether you ship by land, sea, or air, you have the tools you need to communicate clearly with your clients.

From Warehouse to Warehouse

Freight tracking becomes even more important when your freight has to make many stops. A lot can happen between the first warehouse and the freight’s final destination. With EZ-Freight software systems, you have a way to track your freight from one warehouse to the next. Barcode systems help you learn when cargo reaches a specific warehouse, and you can get updates about the condition of that cargo. You’ll stay on track with each of those important steps that happen before the freight’s journey ends. If you want to take the information with you wherever you go, you have that option too. Authorized remote users can check on freight status on the go.

Point Z: Billing and Inventory

Venex freight tracking software can also help you with billing and inventory after your cargo reaches its destination. Just like with your export forms, your billing and inventory forms will be clear and easy to read. We prefer simplicity because it makes all of your communications easier.

Customer Support for Every Step

At any time between Point A and Point Z, if you ever have questions or need customer support, Venex can help. If you have any problems with your software, you can contact us at any time. We always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations when it comes to customer support.

Freight Tracking with Venex

Are you ready for a hassle-free freight tracking experience? At Venex, we make sure that you get the best in freight tracking software. With included upgrades, unlimited support, and no hidden fees, our EZ-Freight software gives power and ease to freight managers. If you want the best in freight tracking, send us a message today.