When you need to make sure that your freight gets to the right places on time, freight forwarding software can make your job much easier. The right software can help your company deliver shipments on a timely and accurate schedule while minimizing losses and keeping track of the shipping process. You can greatly reduce the frustration and potential issues associated with freight tracking by using the best software for your needs. These are the top benefits you can experience with the right freight forwarding software for your company.

Real-Time Tracking

The best software for your company will show your freight in transit. You can use Venex EZ-Freight freight tracking software to chart and record all the points along the path to the destination. You no longer receive notification only when the freight has arrived – now you get updates all along the delivery route. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your freight is secure.

Efficient Data Entry

With the right software, you can quickly and easily enter all pertinent details about your shipment. Freight software has clear formatting for you and your team to enter all the freight data. EZ-Freight software helps you keep track of every detail of a shipment via land, air, or sea in easy-to-use forms.

Convenient Barcode Monitoring

When your freight leaves the warehouse, it will most likely be handled by many other people at each stop. Barcode scanner systems sync with Venex EZ-Freight software, allowing for error-free monitoring of the freight at every stopping point. You can set up several administrative accounts so that both headquartered users and remote users can access the tracking information. By allowing group access, company communication can improve.

Warehouse Simplification

Do you experience confusion and chaos in your warehouse or other warehouses along the freight’s travel route? Our software can simplify the warehouse storage and tracking system. We can help you fix common problems like lost freight, too many backlogs, missing paperwork, and disgruntled clients. Our software brings order to your warehouse and every other warehouse along the route.

Expedited Inventory and Billing

For your business to succeed, it’s essential that the financial information is accurate and located all in one database. Venex EZ-Freight freight forwarding software allows you to keep close tabs on the inventory for your freight. It also creates clear and useful billing forms to send to your clients. In this way, freight software streamlines your business operations.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Venex software features customer support for any technical issues that may arise. Our qualified support team can handle all your questions and walk you through solutions. By utilizing our customer support resources, you can minimize software problems and quickly get up and running again.

The Best Freight Tracking Software

We are proud to offer the highest quality freight tracking software. Whatever the size of your company, we can help you find a software solution that improves the flow of freight shipments and details all the information in one place. Contact us today to learn the best options for your company’s needs.