When you manage air freight, it’s essential that you move freight with efficiency. The right air freight software will help you get your freight to the right places on time. By using EZ-Freight software, we can help you deliver your freight with greater efficiency.

The best software solution will allow you to reduce errors and improve tracking. Your shipments will arrive according to schedule. The software will ease frustration and overwhelm for everyone on the shipping route. These are the three ways EZ-Freight software will help improve efficiency for your company.

Real-Time Tracking

You need to see the air freight while it is in transit to have the most efficient shipping. Our software makes that possible. It allows you to pinpoint the air freight at every point from start to finish. When it has arrived at the destination. You will enjoy greater satisfaction knowing where the freight is in real time.

With the right software, it’s easy to set up details about air freight. You can use the default categories or customize the fields as much as you like. Since the formatting is easy to understand, all of your team members will quickly adapt to a new interface. Our simple forms will help you track air freight all along the shipping route.

Simplification with Barcodes

A barcode scanning system is the most efficient way to track air freight. When someone scans a barcode, it instantly syncs with your software. This is how you can simplify and streamline your shipping process. Every time a barcode gets scanned, your system receives an update.

Barcode scanning systems allow every worker along the freight route to aid in tracking the shipments. They allow you to record lots of important data within seconds of a scan. At each stopping point, workers will scan the freight and provide you with location feedback. Your team members on the shipping route, in administration roles, and at headquarters can all have access to the air freight information. This group access simplifies the process and speeds up communication.

Faster Billing

To have a faster turnaround between accounts payable and receivable, you need a speedy billing system. EZ-Freight software coordinates all your accounts with accuracy and efficiency. You can turn a faster profit with our billing capabilities.

Our freight software systems simplify the inventory process. They reduce hassles and confusion within the warehouses and the billing offices. Since the system tracks everything in real time, you’ll have fewer discrepancies. This will improve the accuracy of billing and help you send bills out with ease.

The Best Air Freight Software

Venex Systems is proud to offer the highest quality air freight software. We have many satisfied customers who have improved efficiency with our products. When you need to boost efficiency with your air freight company, Venex Systems is the right place to call. Contact us today to learn about our software packages.