Freight tracking is not only important for you but also for your customers. Whether you ship with land freight, sea freight, or air freight, it is important to be able to track your cargo. With the right software, you can know where your cargo throughout it’s travels. You can easily find the right software by considering which type of freight tracking you use.

Land Freight Tracking

Shipping on land means that your cargo passes through several different states across the country. You can be prepared for these border crossings with the intra- and interstate forms that are included in our Inland Cargo software. The land freight forwarding software gives the ability to prepare and process local or over the road cargo delivery.

Sea Freight Tracking

The “big pond” can seem like a place of many unknowns, but this doesn’t have to be the case with your cargo. We offer Ocean Freight Forwarding software that is SOLAS VGM Compliant. EZ-Freight offers peace of mind at every step of the shipping process because you can maintain cargo tracking. Our sea freight tracking software allows for preparing and processing ocean export forms and creating export labels which are crucial for complying with distribution rules.

With our software, there is also the ability to direct and consolidate cargo on the sea freight. You can access the loading guide so that you know that everything made it safely on board. Furthermore, the software can turn on automated rating, facilitate barcode control, and prepare building. Finally, you can obtain detailed shipment transaction information while your cargo is being shipped via sea freight.

Air Freight Tracking

Air freight forwarding is easy to track with our related software. The air freight forwarding software can prepare and process air export forms. It also gives the ability to direct or consolidate cargo and conduct air waybill inventory. You can easily maintain cargo tracking with air freight forwarding software by obtaining detailed shipment transaction information with EZ-Freight. Your cargo on the air freight can receive automated rating, and the software can create export labels. Finally, the software prepares your billing.

While you can ship via land freight, sea freight, air freight, or all three, effective tracking exists for all forms of cargo distribution. EZ-Freight forwarding software is an effortless and intuitive application that is specifically tuned for a wide range of uses. Contact us today to learn how you can start using our freight tracking software.